Although AvCarb Material Solutions is a new company as of February 1st 2013, its history is long and rich in the business of developing and manufacturing advanced materials. Our experienced workforce, engineering and management team have many years of experience with an outstanding track record of creating effective solutions for many customers and in many markets.

AvCarb’s history began as Avco Lowell in the mid-1960s as a materials development branch of a large aerospace company. The space race and military advancements required advanced materials that would out-perform any known materials of the time. Many successes were achieved including the novel heat shield material for all Apollo Space vehicles as well as many additional military and commercial products. Thus began the legacy that we carry on today.

Textron purchased the group in 1985 and continued with advanced materials development, as well as building a strong position in advanced material supply to the automotive industry that continues to this day. Ballard Power System’s ownership from 2001 to 2013 allowed the group to expand its leadership position in the development and supply of fuel cell and other electrochemical carbon materials.

You can review many of the carbon materials we manufacture and here to see many of the diverse AvCarb applications.

Although the name has changed over the years, the mission has not. We continue to provide novel solutions to many problems using fundamental material science approaches. Our ability to team u p with customers to engineer a wide range of carbons at the molecular level results in tailored properties for specific applications.

Although AvCarb began as a company in 2013, the brand has represented quality carbon since the 1970s. Our company was called AvCarb to demonstrate our continued commitment to the original goals of creating cutting edge materials for many applications. With AvCarb’s long standing reputation for its expertise, customer focus, and quality, the company has become as stable and long-lasting as the material it produces.

Today, AvCarb’s products are deployed in a wide variety of critical applications involving the movement of energy. Our engineers routinely develop novel solutions for moving frictional, thermal, or electrochemical energy in complex systems.

We work alongside the talented systems engineers of our customers to deliver powerful solutions. We maintain an open exchange of information, ideas, and insights, leading to powerful material science solutions complex systems.

We are a proud supplier of carbon friction material to the automotive industry. All of our products are developed and manufactured at our Lowell, MA facility, which is ISO 9001 certified for quality.


To provide innovative, high-quality carbon materials that solve difficult problems, through collaborative partnerships with its customers, who are leaders in thermal, friction, and electrochemical system design.


Excellence in Manufacturing
We continuously strive to achieve greater efficiency through leadership in technology, safety, quality and environmental matters. Our high standards are documented by a comprehensive set of external certificates.

Listening Carefully
We are relentless in trying to better understand customer needs. Our ability to listen, understand and focus on these customer needs is the key to delivering effective solutions. This extends to our customers, our employees, our suppliers, and our partners.

Resource management
We are structured to move with agility, allowing us to redirect resources to seize new growth opportunities. Concurrently, we focus on the expansion of materials and services provided to existing customers.

We focus on sustainability across our business by investing in our employees, facilities and processes to help ensure continuing growth over the long-term.

Product Stewardship
Our processes and production units are energy-efficient and safe. An absolute priority at AvCarb is ensuring maximum possible safety in our operations. The same applies to our products. We are committed to product stewardship which involves the thorough assessment of potential health and environmental risks along the entire value chain.

We believe deeply in diversity and equal opportunity. Respect and responsibility govern our behavior in all our dealings with suppliers, customers, neighbors, authorities or organizations.


AvCarb looks for exceptional people to join its growing team. If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with AvCarb, please contact the HR Department at HRAvcarb@avcarb.com. AvCarb values diversity in the workplace and is committed to Employment Equity. AvCarb Material Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please check below for a list of active opportunities:

Career Opportunities at AvCarb


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