Torque Converter

Torque Converter

AvCarb Material Solutions is a seasoned Tier 1 supplier to leading automotive OEMs. We have been the sole source supplier of woven carbon friction materials for more than 15 years with a strong track record for quality and on-time delivery.

With an extraordinarily stable coefficient of friction, AvCarb’s woven carbon friction material lasts well over 200,000 miles while maintaining its performance. Unique attributes include built in flow channels, ability to conform to opposing surface, excellent heat dissipation, consistent frictional characteristics and excellent durability.

The material solved a very difficult problem the powertrain engineers faced with NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) within the driveline. AvCarb’s friction material isolates driveline NVH to provide drivers the luxurious feel and quiet ride while giving the OEM a sense of security with extremely low warranty claims. At the same time, fuel economy improved when compared with earlier transmissions. AvCarb friction materials are in high volume production today. Click here to view our datasheet.

This innovation was the result of intensive collaboration between AvCarb’s engineering staff and the OEM’s powertrain engineering team. Our materials expertise combined with powertrain engineering’s understanding of system requirementsdelivered a ‘game changing’ technology. This co-engineering process is the model that consistently delivers innovative solutions.

Contact us today to find out how AvCarb Material Solutions can help you. Technical customer service is available by calling 978-454-5301, or by filling out a contact form here.