AvCarb’s state-of-the art facility houses a number of unique engineering and production capabilities, essential to making products of the highest quality.  AvCarb also makes these facilities available for unique customer requirements for toll processing, or new product development.


Heat Treatment

AvCarb has developed high-temperature heat treatment expertise over many decades.  The AccuCarb process is a continuous, roll-to-roll heat treatment process ensures the highest level of property uniformity, at temperature 2300 degrees C.  Our batch furnaces can reach temperatures of up to 2900 degrees C.




Coating and Converting Processes

AvCarb uses a wide variety of coating processes to provide functionality to its carbon-based materials.  Dip, slot-die coating (including multilayer), spray, comma bar, reverse roll and meyer rod on multiple production lines are among the typical techniques used at AvCarb.  Converting equipment including slitters, calenders, sheeters, and hot presses, and die-cutters are also in routine operation.



Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) of Carbon

AvCarb’s chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process deposits amorphous pyrolytic carbon (PC) onto carbon substrates including carbon fabrics, papers, and tow.  Uniform PC layers may be applied in thicknesses ranging from nanometers to micrometers. AvCarb’s manufacturing methods include batch and continuous processes.


CVD coating


Engineered Textiles

At the heart of many AvCarb products is a fiber-based textile, woven or non-woven.  AvCarb’s manufacturing methods allow us to engineer the structure of these textiles, and composites based upon these textiles, to meet a wide variety of application requirements.