Molded Graphite Laminate

AvCarb MGL190, MGL280 and MGL370.
Download the Molded Graphite Laminate Data Sheet here.

Carbon Dragwasher Materials

AvCarb DSS20F, DSS20C, DSS30FC, DSS40C, DSS50C, DSL23F, DSL40F, and DSL60C
Download the Carbon Dragwasher Material Data Sheet here.

Graphite Felt for Flow Batteries

AvCarb G300A, G400A, G450A, G475A, G550A, and G600A
Download the Graphite Felt for Flow Batteries Data Sheet here.

Carbon Fabric

AvCarb 1071, 1243, 1698, 1209, 1185, and 1186.
Download the Carbon Fabric Data Sheet here.

Wet Friction Products (Coated Fabrics)

AvCarb 7497, 7575, 1209, 1185, 7763 and 1186.
Download the Wet Friction Products Data Sheet here.

Carbon Papers

AvCarb EP40, P50 and P75.
Download the Carbon Papers Data Sheet here.

Gas Diffusion Systems and Coated Papers

AvCarb GDS3215, GDS3260, GDS2230, GDS 2240, GDS 22100, GDS 2120 and GDS1120.
Download the Gas Diffusion Systems and Coated Papers Data Sheet here.

Soft Carbon Felt for Thermal Applications

AvCarb C100, C200 and C300.
Download the Soft Carbon Felt Data Sheet here.