A Reliable Materials Partner

AvCarb engineers have decades of practical experience in developing advanced materials to meet a wide variety of application needs. AvCarb makes its team available to collaborate with leading systems engineers to solve frictional, thermal, or electrochemical energy problems all over the world.

Many of our most satisfied customers are Fortune 500 companies, who came to us with their most difficult problems. The interaction between AvCarb’s material expertise with a customer’s system expertise can deliver powerful results.

Our team works with customers at every step of the process; R&D, prototype development, process design, and scale up. Our particular manufacturing strengths are in textile manufacture, continuous coatings, high-temperature heat treatment, and part fabrication.

Accessible Expertise

With an average tenure of 25 years, our engineering staff have deep carbon materials and manufacturing expertise. Our engineers have developed powerful solutions for critical aerospace, automotive, and fuel cell problems. When you partner with AvCarb, our engineers join your team.


Though most of the ‘magic’ occurs between AvCarb engineers and system design engineers, we collaborate with your organization at all levels. To ensure that the right technical solution is also the right business solution, we work with closely with your quality, logistics, procurement, and management teams. (automotive case study link)


We hold our products and our people to the highest standards of reliability. In 17 years of sole source supply to a major OEM, we have maintained a 0ppm defect rating. We treat all customers the same way.


We can modify our products to meet your needs. AvCarb engineers have developed predictive models for material performance for a variety applications. However optimized solutions often require experimentation and iteration, which AvCarb is uniquely willing to do.