AvCarb® Battery Felts

AvCarb PAN-based carbon and graphite felts are used as electrode backings in a variety of battery designs including vanadium redox flow batteries. AvCarb supports the needs of advanced battery makers with highly uniform carbon felts that ensure reliability and durability of the electrochemical system. The high conductivity, high purity, and chemical resistance of AvCarb battery felts make them ideal for the demanding design criteria of flow battery developers.

Typical ¼” (6.5 mm) material roll widths are 32 inches (810 mm) and roll lengths are 105 feet (32 m). Standard products are listed below, but AvCarb’s manufacturing processes have flexibility to customize for specific customer requirements. Surface treatments are also available to improve the performance and functionality of the felt in the electrochemical cell.

Typical Material Characteristics

Thicknessin (mm)1/8 (3.2)1/4 (6.5)1/8 (3.2)1/4 (6.5)
Areal Weightg/m2285530245480
Bulk Densityg/m30.
Electrical Resistivity (thru plane)Ωmm<4<4<3<3
Carbon content%959599 min99 min
Ash Content%<0.4<0.4<0.2<0.2