AvCarb® Molded Graphite Laminate

AvCarb® MGL190, MGL280 and MGL370 are superior carbon papers for fuel cell and electrolyzer applications. The new products demonstrate advantages over industry standard products, indcluding:

  • Lower electrical resistivity
  • Higher flexural/tensile stength
  • Improved thickness uniformity
  • Higher purity; improved durability
  • USA Made

With comparable property and performance data, MGL products can be used interchangeably with other industry standard carbon papers. Both products are available in volume at sizes up to 550mm x 550mm. Call 978-454-5301 to discuss your application requirements.

Comparative Data

PropertiesUNITCompetitive Product 1AvCarb MGL190Competitive Product 2AvCarb MGL280Competitive Product 3AvCarb MGL370
Bulk Densityg/cm30.440.440.450.440.450.46
Gas Permeabilityml*mm / (cm2*hr*mmaq)190019001700170015001500
Gas PermeabilityGurley sec2.
Electrical Resistivity (through plane)m’ Ωcm807580758075
Flexural StrengthMPa404540454045
Flexural ModulusGPa101510151015
Tensile StrengthN/cm5065708590120