AvCarb Expands with Acquisition of Cleveland Facility

AvCarb Cleveland

AvCarb closed on the acquisition of a state-of-the-art idled manufacturing facility in Wadsworth, Ohio, near Cleveland.  The location provides expanded capacity for development and manufacturing of engineered carbon components and other graphitized products. The strategic acquisition brings significant manufacturing assets, lab space, and improved energy costs to AvCarb.

AvCarb Cleveland

AvCarb Location Building

AvCarb Cleveland – Strategically Positioned Just 20 Minutes South of the Airport, Home to North America’s Premier Graphitization Facility – Established in 2013

AvCarb PEM ELX Cathode Capacity and Capabilities

AvCarb PEM ELX Cathode Capacity and Capabilities

The new site has 26 large induction coil furnaces in excellent condition. We expect this asset capability and improved process control will enable AvCarb to produce the highest quality and most efficient engineered carbons and graphitized products in the world.

Dedicated to precision heat treatment for MGL materials with vast capacity, equipped to produce over 10GW of Carbon Cathodes, and positioned in a region with competitive energy and labor costs.

105,000 sq Feet of Expansion Space Available

AvCarb 105,000 sq Feet of Expansion

The facility has 105,000 square feet of floor space to support further expansion of AvCarb’s manufacturing capacity, in keeping with our globalization strategy.

Additional R&D Assets

AvCarb Additional R&D Assets

Avcarb’s investment in cutting-edge infrastructure includes full support for a 20,000 square foot clean room, complete with essential equipment and infrastructure. Our facilities boast pilot capabilities, accelerating the development of MGL materials with unprecedented speed and precision.

AvCarb is Leaning Forward

AvCarb Cleveland will play a critical role to help accelerate the Hydrogen Economy’s Growth

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