Carbon Felt

AvCarb’s Felt products are crafted by converting 100 % Oxidized PAN staple fiber into a nonwoven felt via a needle punching process that permits a wide range of thicknesses and areal weights to be constructed for various industries. These synthetic felts then undergo a multi-step heat treatment process to convert material into carbon and graphite felts. The result is an electrically conductive, chemically & thermally stable nonwoven tailored to the desired physical, thermal, and electrical properties required by the end user.
To further enhance its use in industry, AvCarb also offers an activation process to promote wettability and increase active surface sites. To ensure electrochemical performance of its products, AvCarb offers lot certification via an in-house quality assurance test capability to verify “wet” performance on each lot or campaign of felt produced.


  • Highly Uniform Construction
  • Low Through Plane Resistance
  • High Purity
  • Superior Conductivity
TYPICAL PROPERTY AvCarb® G280A AvCarb® G475A AvCarb® G650A
Nominal Thickness (mm @ 1.7 kPa) 2.8 4.7 6.5
Compressed Thickness (mm @ 43 kPa) 2.3 3.7 5.1
Basis Weight  (g/m²) 225 440 665
Felt density (g/cm³ @ 1.7 kPa) 0.08 0.11 0.11
TP resistance (m-Ωcm² @ 43 kPa)  <130 < 130 < 130
carbon felt table
carbon felt table
carbon felt table

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