AvCarb LLC Receives DOE Funding to Strengthen Domestic Supply Chain for Clean Hydrogen Technologies

AvCarb LLC Receives DOE Funding blog

Two Industrial Ave., Lowell, Ma. 01851 – AvCarb LLC, a leading provider of engineered carbon substrates, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) to advance the domestic supply chain for clean hydrogen technologies. The funding supports DE-FOA 9022 Titled “Establishment of a Vertically Integrated Domestic Manufacturing Process for Production of Substrates Needed for Gas Diffusion Layers.” This project will be led by the AvCarb team in collaboration with North Carolina State University, the University California Irvine, and the University of South Carolina.

The hydrogen economy is rapidly growing, and the demand for clean energy production, more specifically clean hydrogen, is increasing to meet the requirements of a zero-carbon energy future. AvCarb's expertise in developing and providing engineered carbon substrates positions the company as a key player in enhancing the performance and durability of electrochemical systems such as fuel cells, electrolyzers, and energy storage systems.

The project's goals are three-fold. First, it aims to reduce supply risks and costs associated with carbon veil substrates, thereby establishing a robust domestic supply chain. Second, it utilizes rigorous scientific studies and modeling to enhance the understanding of these critical substrate materials. Finally, the project aims to achieve cost savings and downstream process efficiencies, enabling wider deployment of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) for applications such as medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

Further, AvCarb intends to engage local community government, business development and social organizations in the down selected manufacturing site during this program to develop and execute their Community Benefits Plans. This plan, in accordance with AvCarb’s ethos, will be aligned to the needs of the community and focus on Advancing Diversity & Equity, Energy Equity, Job Quality and Workforce Continuity and Labor engagement.

This DOE-funded initiative not only strengthens the domestic supply chain for clean hydrogen technologies but also contributes to the broader goals of the renewable energy industry and global decarbonization initiatives. AvCarb's commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes aligns with the industry's objectives and supports the transition to a more sustainable and clean energy future.

About AvCarb: AvCarb is a US based provider of engineered carbon substrates with over six decades of experience. The company specializes in developing materials that enhance the performance and durability of electrochemical systems such as fuel cells, electrolyzers, and energy storage systems. AvCarb is committed to advancing the hydrogen economy and supporting the transition to a zero-carbon energy future.