AvCarb’s GDL Innovations at H2 Hydrogen Tech Conference

AvCarb’s Dr. Jason Morgan, Director of Engineering and Chris Robertson, Director of Sales and Marketing will speak at the H2 Hydrogen Technology Conference being held at the NRG Center in Houston, Texas on June 26th and 27th.

In this talk, they will highlight key advancements in the design and manufacturing of Gas Diffusion Layers for high performance fuel cells. They will specifically focus on the improvement of mechanical properties of the GDL substrate and how this can impact critical factors such cell intrusion, pressure drop, creep, and compression set. Additionally, we will consider advancements in the construction and application of the microporous layer (MPL) and how these changes effect surface roughness under compression, which is required to ensure compatibility with thin (<12 m) membranes.

Their presentation will be part of the Fuel Cell Technology Conference Track on the morning of June 27th.
In addition to presenting, Chris Robertson will also service as the session’s Chairperson and will moderate a Panel Discussion – Powering the Hydrogen Future: Fuel Cells for Remote and Back-Up Power Systems.